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Submitted on
November 16, 2013
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Claremanson's Christmas Contest

Sat Nov 16, 2013, 9:00 PM


Contest is now officially closed! The judging can now begin! Results will be announced in two - seven days depending on how difficult it is for me to decide on the winners!

Good luck everyone!


Theme: General Christmas Baking

From holding a recent poll, it seems the majority of you are most interested in baking traditional food for your country/family or food you usually bake over Christmas rather than a set recipe.  Therefore I have decided that as long as it is relevant to Christmas in some way, shape or form in recipe, flavour or presentation it will be considered as an entry.

Rules and requirements:

You must include Christmas into your baking, decorating or surroundings in some shape or form.

If what you you usually make isn't very Christmasy looking or tasting then why not try to add some more Christmas into your food by adding Christmas sprinkles onto candy and cupcakes, flavours such as cinnamon or cranberry, themed cupcake cases, festive shaped cookies etc.

You entry must be new for Christmas 2013.

It must be homemade, not shop bought.

Please state in your entry description you have entered my contest and include a link to this journal.

Describe your entry in your description box as it is not always obvious by looking at a photo what might be in your food! Having a description gives me a better understanding of what I am looking at and how it might taste, increasing your chances of winning.

I know some of you do not/are not allowed to bake so you may get help making your entry with a parent, partner, friend etc just please state in your entry who helped you.

Finally, one entry per person.


Overall winner:
We first eat with our eyes so careful and elegant presentation of the overall dish (not to be confused with food photography) is highly encouraged as this is what I will be looking out for most when judging (clean plating, sharp lines, no mess etc)  As well as look, taste is also a huge factor! Some careful and amazing food combinations and complimentary sides and toppings will go a long way for this prize too.

General Inspiration
Wish Upon A Cake Star by claremanson 12 Days of Christmas :: 12 Pudding Truffles by cakecrumbs
12 Days of Christmas :: 8 Santa Hat Caramel Cups by cakecrumbs Merry Christmas Reindeers by magnesina
Christmas cookies by PaSt1978 Scarface the Holiday Romantic by themie

There will be extra points for the best food photograph.  For you photography beginners, check out my food photography basics guide which involves no special or fancy equipment.  For the rest of you photographers out there, carry on!

Christmas Photography Examples
christmas baking V by topinka christmas breakfast by topinka
Mince by AuntBob Festive Bark by claremanson

There will also be extra points for the most creative entry so, for those of you more into the artistic side of things why not try and make your entry in a fancy, new, over the top or unusual way, think outside the box!

Examples of creativity
12 Days of Christmas :: 9 Snowman Truffles by cakecrumbs 1Caramel Gingerbread Treehouse by Sliceofcake
X-mas house by ginas-cakes Christmas Tree Cupcake Tower by Sliceofcake


1st place: 100 points + journal feature
Best photography: 75 points + mini journal feature
Most Creative: 75 points + mini journal feature

Donated Prizes
WorldWar-Tori will do a feature for all the winners plus 3 critiques/constructive comments.

To enter

Post the link to your entry in the comments below or in an inbox message to me.  I will then add all valid entries to THIS folder in my favourites.

Start Date

November 17th - 5am GMT

End Date

January 7th - 5am GMT



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